Our Consultancy Services

Our expert consultants specialize in the following areas:

Big Data Consultancy

Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

We provide strategic Big Data consulting services to help organizations harness the power of data. Our team of data scientists and engineers will develop customized solutions for your complex business challenges. We help design scalable architectures, implement advanced analytics models, and integrate insights across your operations. Some of our services include Hadoop/Spark implementations, data lake design, predictive analytics, reporting/dashboards, data governance, etc. Engage our team to optimize processes, increase revenue, and gain a competitive edge through Big Data.

Performance Analytics Consultancy

Achieve Peak Performance with Metrics that Matter

As performance experts, we help companies continuously improve performance across key metrics. Our consulting services include benchmarking and goal setting, metric selection and reporting, process analysis, predictive modeling, root cause analysis, etc. We work closely with your teams to understand needs and integrate findings. Some past projects include increasing sales conversion by 20%, reducing customer churn by 10%, and optimizing supply chain efficiency. Engage us to maximize outcomes through data-driven decision-making.

WEB 3 Consultancy

Prepare for WEB 3 with Guidance from Industry Pioneers

As WEB 3 experts we provide strategic consulting and technical services. This includes developing roadmaps, deploying pilots, and creating customized decentralized applications. Our team helps evaluate opportunities for blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, and more. We also train employees and develop in-house centers of excellence. Some of our clients are market leaders in fintech, retail, media, and more. Partner with us to leverage next-gen technologies and gain a strategic edge over the competition.

Customer Experience Consultancy

Delight Customers and Boost Loyalty with Experiential Strategies

As CX specialists, we partner with businesses to foster advocacy through exceptional experiences. Our services include: journey mappings, design thinking workshops, VoC studies, CX assessment and maturity analysis. We also help implement strategies like loyalty programs, self-service solutions, personalization etc. Some clients we helped significantly increase NPS, lifetime value and reduced churn. Engage our team to understand your customers holistically and build experiences that resonate at every touchpoint.

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We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to businesses

Welcome to CHAINKIX, your trusted partner in consultancy services. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to businesses in four key areas: Big Data consultancy, Performance Analytics consultancy, WEB 3 consultancy, and Customer Experience consultancy. Our aim is to help businesses thrive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape by harnessing the power of data, optimizing performance, staying ahead of web technologies, and prioritizing customer experience.

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